Publication Niet Normaal

On the 15th of December NAi Uitgevers will release the publication that accompanies the exhibition: ‘Niet normaal, diversity in art, science and society.’ The publication will be in both English and Dutch.

What is normal and who decides this? This question is also starting point of the publication. Niet Normaal questions normality in a society that makes perfection the standard, in which market en economy create new social service groups and (bio) technological developments not only create chances but also limit them. The emancipation philosophy disability studies investigates how the lives of people can be touched by multiple and complex expostulations of standard and difference. Identity politics has been exchanged for relational and context related analyses. Concrete cases and personal stories offer new views. Instead of objectifying the other and denounce them ‘carrier of the difference’ propositions are presented for negotiations and redistribution of diversity.

The publication presents full colour illustrations of works by all participating artists, including Marc Quinn, Marlene Dumas, The Chapman Brothers, Viktor & Rolf, Aernout Mik. Art and science meet and give expression to urgent matters in society.

Authors: Renu Addlahka, Michel Callon, Johnson Cheu, Amade M’Charek, Trudy Dehue, Patrick Devlieger, Donna Haraway, Ivo van Hilvoorde/Laurens Landeweerd, Petra Kuppers, Ingunn Moser, Griet Roets/Daniel Goodley, Tom Shakespeare

Editors: Ine Gevers, Maaike Bleeker, Stuart Blume, Amade M’Charek,
Miriam van Rijsingen, Jacqueline Schoonheim
Design: Bram Nijssen

Price of the Dutch edition is € 29,50, the English edition is € 35.

Illustrated (colour)
400 pages
17 x 24 cm

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